Cue the Color: Forest Moss

cue the color forest moss

With St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and green being predicted as such a popular color for 2022, we're glad to have included quite a few different shades in our Fall and Winter stock color selection. 
Forest Moss can best be described as a vibrant olive green, which makes it a safe yet playful option to mix into your interiors. Associated with nature, it's an organic shade that's still easy to live with! It doesn't hurt that it plays so well with other colors too. Don't let its recent trendiness scare you away, but instead embrace it s an accent in your home and life! Whether you're decorating with it or wearing it you can't go wrong with the pieces we've selected for this week's cue the color post. 
To create your own Hibiscus House piece in our stock color "Forest Moss" be sure to check out our "Raw Available to Lacquer" collection on the website. From there, you'll be able to scroll through our inventory and select a piece to customize! 
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