Cue the Color: Honorable Blue

While lacquered pieces may not initially strike you as traditional, selecting a tried-and-true shade makes them skew a bit closer to that designation. Blue has held its place in the world of decorating and "Honorable Blue" is our favorite eye-catching cobalt! 
The vivid shade brings life to any space it touches and can easily pair with a variety of styles and accent colors! It can be hard to find a color that can simultaneously be energizing and soothing, but cobalt fits the criteria. The shade is so well loved that it's not hard to find fabulous pieces of decor in it, but we love the way it has made such a striking statement in fashion as well! We've scoured the internet to find pieces full of personality in this bold blue shade so that you can easily dress your home or yourself in it! 
To create your own Hibiscus House piece in our stock color "Honorable Blue" be sure to check out our "Raw Available to Lacquer" collection on the website. From there, you'll be able to scroll through our inventory and select a piece to customize! 
lacquer furniture lacquered furniture cue the color honorable blue
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