Hibiscus House Showroom Staging Favorites

Our Birmingham, Alabama showroom is about as colorful a place as you imagine it would be. High-gloss lacquer furniture coupled with fabulous vintage upholstery makes your eyes continue to move through the various "rooms" we've set up to help clients envision our bold pieces in their own space. We're constantly schlepping furniture around to re-envision the way you may want to use them in your own home. 
Once we have a piece in place and are well on our way to take photos to share on our website and social media we get to do the most fun parts, staging and styling! While our furniture can definitely speak for itself, pairing it with lamps, knick-knacks, and other estate sale treasures is part of what clients have come to love about our photos and brand. Some of our most asked pieces to purchase are those items that we have solely to stage and sell what's in the showroom, so since they aren't for sale by us we've rounded up where you may be able to buy them online! 
Many of our trinket type pieces have been found vintage at estate sales and while sourcing furniture in Florida, but we tried to find options that are similar and may be able to bring of Hibiscus House's style into your own home! To shop the pieces shown click the links beneath this image. 
From Left to Right from the Top: 


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