Furniture Sourcing

We love helping our customers find the perfect vintage piece to use in their own home but know that piece may not always already be included on our website. As we constantly purchase and and revive inventory, we'd be happy to help you on your search for a specific piece. Consider us your concierge in locating it. Whether you know exactly what you want or have specific dimensions in mind, share what you're hunting for with us so that we are able to help you locate the perfect addition to your home. 

With this service, we're happy to help source a specific piece you're looking for sending you what we find as we find it. Once you have approved and chosen your lacquer color (if painting) we will invoice you with the cost of the product, shipping, and our small sourcing fee, which is 10% of your retail price. 

While we hope to find you the perfect piece right away, we do not want to sacrifice quality. Given the nature of sourcing vintage pieces, it's hard to know when we may come across exactly what you're looking for. We will do our best to find you your furniture quickly, but please know when utilizing this service it may take a bit of time. Painting and shipping lead times as listed on the website will still apply. 

Need more than one piece? We're happy to help with that as well! Reach out to us at to get started.