Our Story

About Elizabeth, Founder
As a 7th generation Floridian, Elizabeth Peelen  Hutchinson has always craved color... whether   she's hunting vintage finds or planning   her next soirée- color is constantly speaking to   her palette. Elizabeth has always gravitated   towards a more traditional aesthetic, filled with   tropical- chic flair. Thanks to her mother,   she developed an appreciation for antiques and vintage pieces at a very young age. Through Hibiscus House, she hopes to encourage all ages (and at all price points) to mix timeless pieces with updated trends, while reflecting personal style. You’ll usually find her swooning over embroidered linens and bold wallpaper while filling her party closet with her Grandmother's silver and fun tablescape décor. When starting Hibiscus House for a fun side hustle during COVID-19, Elizabeth never thought her passion would soon become a full-time dream job. She is beyond appreciative and overjoyed with support from local clients as well as those throughout the country. Elizabeth lives in Birmingham with her Alabama- native husband, John "Hut", and their golden retriever puppy, Kiwi.
About Hibiscus House, Established August 2020
  Native to tropical regions, Hibiscus' grow in a floral rainbow of colors. The flower represents femininity, hospitality, and happiness; all things Elizabeth envisioned for a brand. At Hibiscus House, we're constantly attracted to vintage, antique pieces that might need a fresh but glamourous makeover! We hunt for styles authentically found and originated in Florida... rattan, faux bamboo, Hollywood regency, cane, Chippendale, chinoiserie, wicker and much, much more. Our professional, high-gloss lacquer service is a way to truly make each piece your own. Our talented painters can match any custom paint color to your fabric swatch, add wallpaper for fun flair, and even install unique, custom hardware. The options for customization truly seem endless. We have a passion for bringing new life to great pieces of the past, love anything with that "Palm Beach Chic" aesthetic, and have an obsession to find it and share it. If you love vintage furnishings filled with Old Florida Flair flock to us, we're just getting started!