Frequently Asked Questions

What is lacquer?

Lacquer is a varnish that is often used on wood to create an extremely durable finish. It is made up of a combination of dissolved nitrocellulose along with plasticizers and pigments, mixed together in a solvent. The protective outer coating will give additional protections against dirt, oils and liquids and is easy to clean. Currently, our finishers use a precatalyzed nitrocellulose lacquer combined with multiple coatings of "pre-cat" nitrocellulose clear coat. We offer lacquer in matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Our standard is every piece receives a high gloss lacquer finish, if you would like a different sheen please notate in your order details.

Will you take my personal pieces to get lacquered?

At this time we are unable to take any outside inventory. We are only able to paint pieces in our own stock.

What are "ready to ship" pieces?

Our "Ready to Ship" pieces is our collection of lacquered furniture, mirrors, art and unique non- lacquered furniture that is housed at our Birmingham showroom. This is a way for our clients to see sample pieces, test new colors and have stock items readily available for those who may need something in a timely manner.

How long does it take to receive my custom lacquered piece?

At Hibiscus House, we don’t take any short cuts! Each piece goes through our comprehensive process - stripped of its old finish, deep sanded, primed, lacquered or stained, and then sealed, coated and cured with high gloss finish. This process takes up on average 8 weeks to be completed. Once completed, we coordinate shipping to your home which can take up to an additional 2-3 weeks, depending on what state you're located. Keep in mind vintage, antique furniture is full of surprises! Sometimes, things can arise with wood grain reactions and more work is required. But we are perfectionist and rest assured your piece is getting worked on and on it's way to it's forever home!

Will my piece look brand new?

Your piece will have a brand new finish but will still retain its original vintage charm. Vintage pieces will still have great bones, hardwoods, dovetail joints and sturdy glides. The interior will look used, all that comes with living and serving for 50+ years to the previous owners.

Will the drawers slide well and will you repair nicks/ chips in the piece?

We fill the majority of the imperfections in the piece, but there's no such thing as 100% perfection in a vintage-refinished piece. We try to ensure to the best of our ability drawers slide and glide well. But again, these are vintage pieces and they are not perfect. 

How do you clean lacquered pieces? 

Our cleaning instructions are incredibly simple - the perks of a lacquered piece!

  1. Get a soft and clean microfiber cloth and fold into fours.
  2. Spray any cleaner that does not have bleach, vinegar, or ammonia, onto your piece and wipe immediately! Turn microfiber over to dry side and wipe again. Our personal favorite go-to is SprayWay which can be found at your local home improvement store.
  3. It's best to always keep your piece dry – if spills do occur, dry immediately. 
  4. Have company coming over? We recommend Wizards Mist-n-Shine Gloss Detailer for a fast cleaning and polishing!

Who does the refinishing?

Our professional lacquer painters have been in the business for decades and started lacquering in High Point Furniture Market. Their pieces have landed in French Heritage, Julian Chichester and the families of Thomasville and Bassett Furniture –their personal collections. Hibiscus House is the only vendor for our experienced painters; allowing us to work personally and diligently on each individual refurbished piece.

How do you choose your inventory?

What sets Hibiscus House a part from other businesses is that each piece is thoughtfully picked by us and our lacquerer, curated to bring the Palm Beach Regency lifestyle to other areas of the country. We choose high quality vintage pieces that will never "go out of style"... and are filled with uniqueness, beauty and flair.  

Who do you use for shipping?

We believe in small business and because of that, we use private shippers experienced in shipping high-end furniture to deliver our lacquered pieces and large furniture. We request someone is home to assist with ground floor delivery and placement. If you are needing a piece taken upstairs, you must have help upon arrival. 

Are your shipments insured?

The quick answer is – Yes! Thankfully, all of our pieces have arrived safe and sound to their new homes.

Where do you ship?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. (excluding Hawaii and Alaska.) If you experience shipping rate issues upon checking out, please e-mail or direct message us and we will try to work with our shippers and accommodate! 

Do you ship overseas?

We ship within continental United States only. If looking to ship overseas we must have an address in the continental U.S. to deliver your piece to so that you are able to handle the shipment leaving the country.

Do I have to create an account to order?

No, it's not mandatory. But it is highly recommended. Indeed, it will allow you to find your history, edit your addresses and track your parcel online faster. You will also be notified of new products and special events.

Any other questions?

Please contact us via e-mail or social media and we will be happy to assist you!