New Service: Hourly Virtual Interior Design for Hibiscus House Clients

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Sometimes even the best eye desires a second opinion. Our new hourly design services are here to offer you with just that! Whether you're local to Birmingham and we meet at the showroom, or we assist virtually we are thrilled about this new offering for Hibiscus House clients. 
It's always such a compliment for us to hear our clients tell us they want their home to look like our Instagram, and this design service is the perfect way for us to help make that happen for you! Interested in getting started? Read all about this service in the listing here or below! 
Love the Hibiscus House look and eager to bring it to your own home? We are happy to feed hourly e-design services for our clients that are uniquely tailored to your individual style and space. This service is reserved for Hibiscus House clients and/or those planning to purchase a Hibiscus House piece for the space being decorated. We are offering one-on-one design service with our brand director, Dorothy, who has a keen eye for design and previously worked as a professional magazine stylist in the lifestyle space. Sessions start at $90 per hour. This fee will cover our initial discussion of your space and needs, color consultation of your HH piece, time spent sourcing additional items, and a mood board curated with your specific needs in mind with direct links to shop the products showcased.
Virtual design space is limited. Please checkout with this listing in your cart for our team to reach out regarding a time for our initial consult call. Subsequent hours spent sourcing products and designing your space will be invoiced upon completion of the mood board.
How It Works:
  • Add this listing to your cart for us to get you on our calendar for an initial consult call. During this time we’d love for you to share your vision with us so that we have a good idea of your style and design goals! Current photos of the space, measurements, inspiration images, and a few sentences regarding the needs of your space are all helpful guides as we begin to work on your virtual design. If you already own pieces that you’d like to fit into the overall scheme please include photos and measurements of them during this time.
  • This offering is only available at this time for rooms that showcase a Hibiscus House piece. Once the piece is decided upon you will be invoiced for it to ensure its availability during the project. We will then have a color consultation to determine which of our stock lacquer shades (or custom color) works best for your space.
  • After your Hibiscus House piece is purchased and the color is determined Dorothy will source pieces based on your taste and needs prior to providing you with a moldboard and links to these items. We will keep track of the amount of time it takes to complete your room scheme and bill subsequent hours after presenting your room scheme to you. (If you would like to alter the mood board sent or continue to work on the scheme we are happy to do so, but it will add to your total hourly fee. )
  • Once you feel as though the moldboard is complete utilize the product suggestions and links sent by our team. Begin ordering on your own time to complete the project as your time, energy, and budget allows! The Hibiscus House team does not order any of the suggested products on your behalf for this reason.
  • We are happy to offer suggestions for placement of the pieces to make your Hibiscus House piece feel fully at home.
While the inspiration boards below (that we also shared on our Instagram feed and stories) are ones we put together as general ideas of how to incorporate our raw pieces available to be customized in hypothetical homes, our interior design services allow you the opportunity to tell us your needs, favorite color combinations, and pieces you already own that you'd love to utilize. We tailor the experience to fit your needs with our hourly rate! This service is available for both Raw Pieces available for customization or Ready to Ship Pieces! 
Blue & Green Bedroom
not shown but would pair well: Throw Blanket
Home Office
Navy Bedroom
not shown but would pair well: Faux Bamboo Luggage Rack 
Game Room
not pictured but would pair well: Gold Pagoda Shelves // Cute Scrabble Board 
Pink Bedroom
Formal Living Area
not pictured but would pair well: Framed Art
Navy & Orange Pagoda Bedroom

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