Hibicus House For Your Home: Office Space, Living Room, and Twin Bedroom

colorfully chic interior design interior inspiration room schemes

One of the most exciting parts about a Hibiscus House sale is envisioning the way our clients will incorporate the piece in their own homes. The beauty of vintage furniture is that its beauty has withstood the test of time, making it a versatile, classic piece that can be used in a variety of spaces! The addition of a stunning lacquer color makes it that much better.

Before a piece sells, we take it upon ourselves to try to envision the multiple ways it could be utilized in your home, and today we’re bringing those visions to your screen. The Hibiscus House pieces that can be customized in a variety of shades are distinguished by the phrase “available for custom lacquer.” All of the other products can be shopped by following the links beneath each of the image schemes!

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