Expecting Mamas Here's When To Order Your Hibiscus House Lacquered Dresser!

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As Hibiscus House has grown, it seems like many of our client's families have as well and changing tables have quickly become a bread and butter for our team to work on! We feel so honored to have clients trust us with the news that they are pregnant, at times even before announcing to family and friends. Seeing the way our painters can transform a piece of furniture with lacquer in any pastel shade imaginable for clients to use in their nurseries is a privilege we could only dream of when Hibiscus House began.

We know you've heard before that all good things take time, and the same is true of our lacquered furniture! So as you start to think about how you'll be decorating the room you'll be bringing baby home to don't forget to place your Hibiscus House order. Expecting mamas (and grandmamas) have enough to think about, so we've done our best to make it easy to know when you need to order your piece by in order for it to arrive in plenty of time before your due date! 

Based on the dates on this chart, you'll be able to estimate expecting your dresser four to six weeks before your due date giving you plenty of time to get it situated and start nesting ahead of baby's arrival! Worried that we've already passed your order by date? No need to stress, the delivery may just be closer to the time you're due and if the other design details took precedent and you're due within 12 weeks ask about our rush service fee! 

Looking for inspiration for your nursery? Here are a handful of our favorite client shared photos of Hibiscus House pieces making themselves at home in nurseries. 

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