Cue the Color: Banana Yellow

It's hard to think of Florida and not think of sunshine (it is the Sunshine State after all), and it's even harder to think of sunshine and not think of yellow! Yellow is often associated with happiness and positive energy, which makes it an excellent choice for spaces that you want to feel cheerful and inviting. Our stock yellow, "Banana Yellow" is a vibrant hue with surprising versatility. Since the color is cheery and warm, it makes an environment feel cozy and joyful with little effort! So, if you're wanting to add a bit of a sunny disposition to your home decor we think it would be the perfect pick! 
To create your own Hibiscus House piece in our stock color "Banana Yellow" be sure to check out our "Raw Available to Lacquer" collection on the website. From there, you'll be able to scroll through our inventory and select a piece to customize!

Sundress // Pickleball Paddle // Patterned Lamp // Sunglasses // Ruffle Swimsuit // Maxi Dress with Pink Details // Floral Flip Flops // Striped Beach Towel // Stray Dog Chandelier // Banana Earrings // Scallop Stripe Coverup

Pineapple Sandals // Citrus Midi Dress // Stoney Clover SPF Pouch // Ceramic Vase // Cake Candle // Bistro Chair // Bolster Pillow // Lemon Candlesticks // Bejeweled Headband

Dotted Water Glass // Paperbag Waist Shorts // Bottega Bag // Placemat and Napkin Set // Floral Eyelet Kaftan // Striped Pajama Set // Cruiser Bike

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