Made In America - Vintage Furniture & Why We Use It!

Pieces that have withstood the test of time! There are so many benefits to buying vintage, and here's the why.
It's Resourceful
Furniture isn't made like it used to be and tends to not last as long, so buying well-made vintage pieces is reducing waste while giving you a quality piece and preserving history.
It's Well-Made
Unlike the construction of modern furniture, most pieces are durable thanks to quality craftsmanship. On many of the pieces we offer you'll see in our product description about their all-wood construction and dovetailed joints.
It's Unique
Whether you choose a bold lacquer color or not, vintage furniture comes with extra character thanks to being handmade. When you buy vintage furniture, it's much less likely that you'll walk into your friend's home and discover an identical piece.
It's Versatile
Most vintage pieces can be used in a variety of settings and styles which give you the opportunity to switch up your decor when you need a refresh or when you move!
No Assembly Required!
What could be better than getting to enjoy a piece of furniture right away when it arrives without painstakingly having to read how to assemble it? 
Have we convinced you to add vintage to your home? Shop our "Raw Available for Custom Lacquer" and "Ready to Ship" tabs for our current inventory. 

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