Cue the Color: Yarmouth Blue

cue the color yarmouth blue

After basking in our stock fall and winter colors over the past few months and seeing our painters transform vintage furniture finds with these vibrant shades we can’t help but want to share more of each color with you! You’ve likely heard of the winter blues, but with a bit of color both in your home and wardrobe they can be beaten.

Yarmouth Blue is our go-to light blue lacquer color, which is how it ended up in our stock selection! Whether you’re working on adding pops of color in a more traditional space, nursery, or want a calming color in another area of your home, it’s a soothing choice. While blue has never gone out of style, it is having quite the moment in interiors and décor, making this a smart pick for any piece!

To create your own Hibiscus House piece in our stock color “Yarmouth Blue” be sure to check out our “Raw Available to Lacquer” collection on our website. From there, you’ll be able to scroll through our inventory and select a piece to customize!

If you love the color and are looking for more ways to incorporate it, look no further than our product roundup below. We’ve scoured the internet to find pieces full of personality in the shade. Whether you’re hoping to dress your home or yourself in Yarmouth Blue there are so many options to choose from!
cue the color yarmouth blue hibiscus house lacquered furniture
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