Cue the Color: Coral Gables

From our banding it's not hard to detect a few of our favorite colors and coral is high on that list! When researching the perfect coal for our newest stock lacquer color sheet Coral Gables quickly became a no-brainer. Described by Benjamin Moore as "a tropical-flavored orange-pink that evokes a sublime sunset over the beach" we were sold. It doesn't hurt that with an emphasis on Floridian flair the city of Coral Gables being situated outside of Miami and bursting with color made the choice seem even more like a natural fit! While you may not be reaching for coral in the dead of winter we think when outfitted well in your home or accessories it can be an energizing pop no matter the season. 

To create your own Hibiscus House piece in our stock color "Coral Gables" be sure to check out our "Raw Available to Lacquer" collection on the website. From there, you'll be able to scroll through our inventory and select a piece to customize! 

Shop from Left to Right by Row:

Zebra Print Room Divider // Satin Pillow // Chandelier // Cocktail Napkins // Gourd Base Lamp // Throw Blanket // Hibiscus Accent Block Heels // Blazer // Vietri Hibiscus Flower Vase // Caftan // Coral Accent Rattan Clutch 

Wallpaper // Rectangular Pillow with Fringe Accents // Paper Cocktail Napkins // Ginger Jar // Floral Pillow // Tiered Midi Dress // Lacquer Look Candle Holder // Gold and Coral Necklace // Belted Mini Dress // Oversized Sunglasses // Beaded Runner

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