Color Consult

As color lovers, we know just how hard it can be to play favorites and make a selection on lacquer color. The excitement of bringing a lacquered piece into your home can sometimes be overshadowed by choosing the perfect shade.

Do you need help coordinating your selected Hibiscus House piece with your current color scheme? Your choice of color can have a major impact on a space, so if you're in need of an additional opinion or second set of eyes to determine which lacquer shade will look best with your wall color and home furnishings book a color consultation with us. We'd be thrilled to help you narrow down a lacquer color from our stock color list If you're interested in a custom color we are happy to offer help with that selection process as well. 

We know that our pieces are an investment for your home and we hope to help your color selection stress free with this service. Color consults are booked in 30 minute increments at a set rate of $45. If you would like more guidance following the color consult be sure to read more about our design services! 

Email to set up your appointment or add this listing to your cart during the checkout process and we will get in touch!. We are happy to do this via phone call, email, facetime, or in our Showroom if you're local to Birmingham, AL.