Beautifully designed spaces is something we all aspire to have, but hiring a world class interior designer can be cost prohibitive and eat up a good chunk of your budget. Do you have a guest room you never got around to styling? Or an extra living space you've been looking to fill? We've created a new concept "Room to Bloom" to bring the ease of style, quality and functionality directly from Hibiscus House to your front door. 

And the rooms don’t have to be used exactly as we did them. Perhaps you want to have use a few of the pieces in a guest room, but the side chairs work better in a living area! This is perhaps the best part about styling with vintage; its so versatile while being functional and fabulous. 

Within 1-3 weeks, depending on your shipping location, all of the items in your new "Room to Bloom" arrive safely from one of our small business shippers! 

*If you choose to purchase, minimal modifications can be made. However, if something else catches your eye in our "Ready to Ship" collection, feel free to reach out, we'd love to discuss making a new room "bloom" in your home.